eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


This type is used to specify domestic and international package handling costs if calculated shipping is being used.

Type that uses CalculatedShippingRateType:

Calls that use CalculatedShippingRateType:


InternationalPackagingHandlingCosts ( AmountType (double) ) [0..1]
This field shows any package handling cost applied to international shipping. This cost will be in addition to any shipping cost applicable to each international shipping service option.

For international calculated shipping only.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use InternationalPackagingHandlingCosts.

PackagingHandlingCosts ( AmountType (double) ) [0..1]
Fees a seller might assess for the shipping of the item (in addition to whatever the shipping service might charge). Any packaging/handling cost specified on input is added to each shipping service on output.

If domestic and international calculated shipping is offered for an item and if packaging/handling cost is specified only for domestic shipping, that cost will be applied by eBay as the international packaging/handling cost. (To specify a international packaging/handling cost, you must always specify a domestic packaging/handling cost, even if it is 0.) When UPS is one of the shipping services offered by the seller, package dimensions are required on list/relist/revise.
Note: If the listing only has one domestic shipping service and it is free shipping, the domestic package handling cost will be ignored and will not be applied to the listing.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use PackagingHandlingCosts.