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  • Important: Due to EU & UK Payments regulatory requirements, an additional security verification via Digital Signatures is required for certain API calls that are made by EU/UK sellers. Please refer to Digital Signatures for APIs to learn more on the impacted APIs and the process to create signature to be included in the HTTP payload.

  • OpenAPI Specification - Version 2.0 for all of our RESTful APIs will no longer be available starting April 5, 2023. We will continue leveraging OpenAPI Specification - Version 3.0 for new features in our RESTful APIs.

Note: The Order API (v2) currently only supports the guest payment/checkout flow. If you need to support member payment/checkout flow, use the v1_beta version of the Order API.

Note: This is a Limited Release(Limited Release) API available only to select developers approved by business units.

The Order API provides interfaces that let shoppers pay for items. It also returns payment and shipping status of the order.


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
applyGuestCouponPOST/guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/apply_couponApplies a coupon to all eligible items in the guest checkout session.View applyGuestCoupon - /guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/apply_coupon
getGuestCheckoutSessionGET/guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}Retrieves details on a guest checkout session.View getGuestCheckoutSession - /guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}
initiateGuestCheckoutSessionPOST/guest_checkout_session/initiateInitiates a guest checkout session by adding one or more line items to purchase.View initiateGuestCheckoutSession - /guest_checkout_session/initiate
removeGuestCouponPOST/guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/remove_couponRemoves a coupon that was previously applied to a guest checkout session.View removeGuestCoupon - /guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/remove_coupon
updateGuestQuantityPOST/guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/update_quantityUpdates the quantity of a line item in a guest checkout session. Line item will be removed from checkout session is quantity is set to 0.View updateGuestQuantity - /guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/update_quantity
updateGuestShippingAddressPOST/guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/update_shipping_addressAdds or updates the buyer's shipping address that will be used after the buyer purchases the order.View updateGuestShippingAddress - /guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/update_shipping_address
updateGuestShippingOptionPOST/guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/update_shipping_optionAdds or updates the buyer's preferred shipping service option that will be used for shipping the order.View updateGuestShippingOption - /guest_checkout_session/{checkoutSessionId}/update_shipping_option


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
getGuestPurchaseOrderGET/guest_purchase_order/{purchaseOrderId}Retrieves details on a guest order.View getGuestPurchaseOrder - /guest_purchase_order/{purchaseOrderId}