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This type contains an eBay category and an array of aspects of that category that can be used to narrow down the collection of product summaries returned by the search call. Aspects are product attributes that can represent different types of information for different products.

Important: The AspectFilter type provides the underlying data structure for the aspect_filter parameter, which combines a category and one or more aspects of that category in a single string. However, this type is not used directly in the call.

Types that use AspectFilter

Not used by any types.

Call that uses AspectFilter


The category that the category aspects belong to. This value is a required part of the aspect_filter query parameter. This value can be found in the refinement.dominantCategoryId field when the fieldgroups query parameter is included in the search request with a value of ASPECT_REFINEMENTS or FULL.
array of FilterField
An array of aspects of the category identified by categoryId, with one or more aspect values in the form name:{value1|value2}. e.g. Brand:{adidas|Nike}. Possible values can be found in the category's refinement.aspectDistributions container.