Although requirements for specified shipping vary by marketplace, sellers are strongly encouraged to add specified shipping to all listings. When items in a category require specified shipping, calling GetCategoryFeatures will return a value of true for Category.ShippingTermsRequired.

  • The Germany (DE) and Spain (ES) marketplaces require users to specify at least one domestic shipping service.
  • The US marketplace requires sellers to specify at least one domestic shipping service, including if the shipping cost is flat rate or calculated. The only exception is when freight shipping is specified, in which case there is no requirement to specify the cost.

In most cases, a seller specifies one or more shipping services for flat or calculated shipping. For additional information, refer to:

There are times when a seller does not wish to — or even cannot — select a shipping service for a particular shipping carrier. For example:

  • "I will not ship the item. You must arrange for pickup of the item."
  • "Shipping is free for you!"
  • "I will ship via FedEx. The cost to you (beyond the cost of the item) will be the actual FedExcharge plus $2 for my trouble."
  • "If you are the winning bidder, contact me and tell me how you want it shipped, and we'll workout the cost."
  • "This item requires freight shipping. I will pick the freight shipping carrier and work out the details with you once I know your location."

In these situations, the seller may offer the following options: