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Published: February 10 2017, 3:57:00 PMUpdated: May 25 2023, 10:13:13 AM

My Application Growth Check request is delayed because of incorrect usage of eBay Logos. What are the correct eBay logos that can be displayed on my application?

Detailed Description

1. eBay Developers Program members need to use one of the 'right now on eBay' Logos to identify that the items displayed on your Web Pages, Desktop or Mobile screens are eBay content.  You may not modify or alter the API Logos including size, proportions, colors, elements, type or in any other respect, without the prior written approval of eBay. The right now on eBay logo is available in four sizes in English and in three size in other languages and can be downloaded here.


 More information can be found on API Logo Usage Requirement


2. Do not use the eBay Corporate Logo.


 If you have special requirements, you need to provide the eBay contact person(s) from whom you have received the eBay Corporate Logos usage permission at the time of submitting your Compatible Application Check request. 



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