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Published: March 18 2009, 11:51:00 AMUpdated: August 19 2022, 2:18:04 AM

I am unable to get any of the *FixedPriceItem (AddFixedPriceItem, ReviseFixedPriceItem, RelistFixedPriceItem, EndFixedPriceItem) calls to work.

I am getting the error:

Error Code:  21916273
Short Error:  Managing by SKU disabled
Long Error: The site does not enable managing items by SKU labels.

What sites is this feature enabled on?

The API calls that support manage by SKU are the AddFixedPriceItem, ReviseFixedPriceItem, RelistFixedPriceItem and EndFixedPriceItem.

SKU management is not enabled for the following sites in sandbox as well as production:

SiteID Country
2 Canada
210 French Canada

All other sites such as US (0), UK (3), Germany (77), France (71), Australia (15), etc. have been enabled for manage by SKU.

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