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Published: March 17 2011, 3:22:00 PMUpdated: August 19 2022, 2:33:09 PM

This article is for developers who are using the Product Services API, that have noticed that the results do not match those of the site's Sell Your Item flow. 

These developers may have noticed inconsistencies between the findProducts API results which are not matching the options they can get from the SYI flow.

The intended purpose of the Product Services API was for developers to retrieve information about products  on eBay to help sellers list items with Parts Compatability

Parts Compatibility is an eBay feature that uses structured data to associate compatible assemblies with parts listed on eBay. For example, Parts Compatibility enables sellers to specify accurately and comprehensively the vehicles on which a headlight or a rim will fit. Parts compatibility improves search relevancy and frees up item titles and descriptions for more detailed and informative descriptions of the part.

The Product Services may be enhanced in the future to extend support to more products.  Please do not use Product Services API for non Parts Compatability purposes.


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