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Published: April 23 2015, 12:37:00 AMUpdated: June 15 2023, 11:02:50 AM

How can I communicate order information or other information with buyers?


How to communicate using eBay's messaging system

Detailed Description

There is no direct way or "easy" way to communicate with buyers and seller using emails or static alias.  This is intentional from the eBay side, as we want the eBay messaging system to be used for tracking purposes.  If you want to communicate with a buyer/seller, you will need to use AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner API.  By default the message will appear to the recipient with "seller A has sent a question about item.....".  Also the giant yellow ribbon will show "seller had a question...".  But if you want to change the subject line when using AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner API so it doesn't show up as a question to the seller, follow these steps,

1.  Change the Subject field,

2.  Change the QuestoinType to "CustomizedSubject",


The following message will now appear to the recipient with your subject matter instead of the default message you were seeing before "sellerA has sent a question about item.....".  Also the giant yellow ribbon that used to say the seller had a question, will now show

ImageThis member has a message for you.

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