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Published: June 13 2005, 2:19:00 PMUpdated: July 19 2022, 8:39:56 AM

What should I do to ensure that my application gets Application Growth Check quickly?

In order to help the DTS team to process your Application Growth Check process quickly, provide them with as much detailed application information as you can. In particular, give them information about the following:

1. Application Design:

  • Tell the team how you have designed your application so as to make the optimal use of the API. For example, if you make a call to GetSellerEvents, explain how you ensure that you will not make the call more frequently than once every 30 mins.
  • Pay close attention to DetailLevel. Consider using the minimal level that you need. Getting as less data as possible, will result in a significant performance gain in your application.
  • Consider using Notifications wherever possible. This will make your application very efficient and will also minimize the number of calls that you have to make.
  • Please include enough details on your DoS protection that we can determine if it passes our requirements
  • Collect detailed API usage. This includes a list of each and every individual API call. In addition, plan to forecast 12 months in the future the peak usage of each of the API calls you application uses for BOTH hourly and daily. Be prepared to fill out a table similar to the one below.

Call Name

Hourly Peak

Daily Peak













2. Token retrieval method:

  • Do mention how you retrieve the user token. Do not store user passwords in your application. If the security of your application is compromised, it can make your user accounts vulnerable.
  • To display the userID back to the user, use GetUser from the Trading API. The results can be cached for up to an hour or when token revocation is detected.

3. Best Practices:

  • Explain to us how you are following the best practice for your call. For example, if you are using AddItem, consider using the UUID. This eliminates the risk of listing an item twice and you can do the error handling more elegantly.

4. Testing:

  • Provide either the website or download link to the application that needs tested.
  • If required for testing, please provide a test account.
  • Please provide testing instructions in English.

5. Logo usage:

  • A lot of the applications experience delays in the Application Growth Check process because of incorrect usage of eBay Logos.
    Do not use Image
    Click on Logo Guidelines to learn about the proper usage of eBay Logos.



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