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This root container defines a seller's payment business policy for a specific marketplace and category group. This type is used when creating or updating a payment business policy.

Types that use PaymentPolicyRequest

Not used by any types.

Calls that use PaymentPolicyRequest


array of CategoryType
This container is used to specify whether the payment business policy applies to motor vehicle listings, or if it applies to non-motor vehicle listings.
This container is used if the seller wants to require an initial deposit on a motor vehicle listing. In this container, the seller sets the deposit amount and the due date for the deposit.

Because eBay controls all electronic payment methods, sellers do not need to specify a payment method and the deposit.paymentMethods array is not needed.

Note: The 'due date' specified in the deposit container will be overridden if the payment business policy requires immediate payment (in this case, for the deposit), and the buyer commits to purchase the motor vehicle through a fixed-price listing or through the 'Buy it Now' option of an auction listing.

A seller-defined description of the payment business policy. This description is only for the seller's use, and is not exposed on any eBay pages.

Max length: 250
This container is used to specify the number of days that a buyer has to make their full payment to the seller and close the remaining balance on a motor vehicle transaction. This container must be specified for motor vehicles listings.

The period starts when the buyer commits to buy. The valid values, as specified with TimeDuration, are:
  • 3 DAYS
  • 7 DAYS (the default)
  • 10 DAYS
  • 14 DAYS
In order for a buyer to make a full payment on a motor vehicle, at least one of the following paymentMethods values must be specified for the corresponding payment business policy:
Default: 7 DAYS
This field should be included and set to true if the seller wants to require immediate payment from the buyer for:
  • A fixed-price item
  • An auction item where the buyer is using the 'Buy it Now' option
  • A deposit for a motor vehicle listing

Default: False
The ID of the eBay marketplace to which this payment business policy applies.
A seller-defined name for this payment business policy. Names must be unique for policies assigned to the same marketplace.

Max length: 64

Note: DO NOT USE THIS FIELD. Payment instructions are no longer supported by payment business policies.

A free-form string field that allows sellers to add detailed payment instructions to their listings.
array of PaymentMethod

Note: This field applies only when the seller needs to specify one or more offline payment methods. eBay now manages the electronic payment options available to buyers to pay for the item.

This array is used to specify one or more offline payment methods that will be accepted for payment that occurs off of eBay's platform.