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Published: July 07 2011, 5:13:00 PMUpdated: September 07 2022, 7:37:26 AM

I've set up  a Domestic rate table by Weight in My eBay to augment flat rate shipping options for special domestic locations such as Alaska and Hawaii. I've applied the rate table to all my new listings, however the shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii don't look right. What am I missing?

If you have defined your rate table by weight, you will need to supply weight of the item by specifying it in the ShippingDetails.CalculatedShippingRate container's WeightMajor and WeightMinor fields. (Even though your listing uses flat rate shipping). If you fail to specify this the weight of the item will default to 1 lb and therefore you may not see the expected values for Shipping Rates. Below is a sample snippet -


<!-- For rate table to be applied -->
<!-- Specify item weight, else the value will default to one lb-->





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